Why Creative Mind

Many have asked, “Sabrina, why in the world would you leave a secure job to pursue your dreams for The Creative Mind Foundation?”
The answer is simple.

I love the arts! My life has been enhanced immeasurably by so many people and opportunities afforded to me related to the arts. In grade school I enjoyed going to the school assembles to watch different dances and musical performances. Every international holiday was celebrated with music dance and food of the celebrated culture.

I felt the beauty of classical music and the movement of dance throughout high school. I attended operas, plays, musicals and art shows. I competed in art shows, which opened the doors for me to go to Art Center College of Design. Little did I know, I would be one the last to enjoy such a valuable field trips offered by the schools due to budget cuts. This is the time in my life when I realized I wanted to give back to the creative community.

My college years offered more creative expansion where I took various dance classes from Polynesian to Salsa dance, piano and Taiko classes. These where the years of complete self expression through any art form available to me.

While on my journey through the arts, I have been fortunate to have had teachers who guided and challenged me through art school, and mentored me in business.  But I also realized that a lot of artists were not as fortunate. I often found myself sharing with other artists the guidance that I received. We shared common struggles with a common question: How do I honor my passion and birth right as an artist and make a living?

As an adult I discovered the exposure to arts and culture throughout my life where more than time away from academic classes and an imaginary trip around the world. I realized I learned to respect the differences between cultures, experience life through others point of view and acceptance of myself as I am.

So, in answer to the question, “Why…”

A void exists today, many who would like to become involved in the arts do not have the access I had. The Creative Mind Foundation was created to help fill that void and create opportunities in the arts for those who otherwise would not have the opportunity without the Creative Mind Foundation. I took the risk to create The Creative Mind Foundation to partner with parents, mentors, businesses, and other philanthropist to nurture artists and see their dreams realized. These partnerships will be committed to showcasing and preserving the creative expression as a viable means of living and providing out-reach as a means to capture artistic trends and understand the skills necessary to compete in a challenging world.


July 2022