Color Pencils

Please allow me to have the courage to live in this moment.
So I can be a vessel for You to flow through.
Let me face the fear of the unknown.
Let me face the fear of being wrong.
Let me face the fear of looking weird, different, unique, odd.
Let me face the fear of Being my Self.
Please give me strength to surrender and be the vessel in which Creativity is expressed.
Let me have the courage to live Life creatively.
No longer placing myself in boxes, prisons, and categories.
But living as the free Spirit that I AM.
No longer ignoring the voice of my heart.
Please allow me to express my Self in everything I do.
To paint Life with my unique colors, my unique expression of You.
To no longer veil the passion, Love, and Light that I AM.
To no longer try to fit in.
But to simply BE.
Let me let go of needing to be right or good.
Please allow me to realize that there is no good or bad, right or wrong in Love.
Let me have fun and be free in this moment.
To not be attached to the result.
To enjoy the process of creating.
To let go of fear, guilt, control, and perfectionism.
To realize that the goal is in the Creative journey.
Let me laugh and play and unleash the innocent, joyful, fun child in me.
Let me nurture my inner child and inner artist.
Let me see Life through my Artist eyes where everything is beautiful and amazing.
Let me give myself permission to be my Self-no matter what.
Allow me to step out of the way and listen.
To be able to listen for guidance and melt all blocks in this Love.
To allow you to do the expressing, writing, talking, painting, drawing, singing, and so on.
Through the vessel I have opened for You with gratitude and honor.
Please allow me to use my intuition and use that to unleash this Creative flow.
Remind me that Creativity is truly a Gift from You-the ultimate Creator.
That Creativity comes as natural to me as breathing, being, loving.
Because in reality I AM..You.

– Written by Love expressed through the vessel of Jennifer


Posted on

October 2, 2015